Transmedia – Flight Of The Conchords

The music-comedy duo Flight of the Conchords have (also) incorporated exaggerated versions of themselves into their presentation. They perform under their real names, Jemaine and Bret, but affect slightly awkward, foolish, and ignorant personalities that match up with the songs they write and their comedic banter from live shows.

Flight of the Conchords is one of the most successful music-comedy duos to have come out of New Zealand. They started out on a radio show on the BBC which then led to them having an American television series; both of which were extremely popular. The content of their live performances and the music that they produce works extremely effectively with their audience; it does not particularly challenge them but it certainly keeps them engaged and respondent with the stories carried out by the pair. This is shown by the huge fan base that surrounds them; online on Twitter, they have over 53, 000 followers, and their sell out tours worldwide illustrate just how successful the use of these multimedia platforms are in creating a sense of community.

It has been debated in the past as to whether or not transmedia is used in the correct way; do large corporate companies use it to acquire more money through commercialism or is it done purely for the creative factor and the passion?  Flight of the Conchords has a certain demographic group to cater for, those similar to The Mighty Boosh, who want to be regularly entertained with new and original material; this is one thing they can get from Jemain and Bret; unique characters who allow the audience to make up their own perception and use their creativity whilst at the same time following the story behind it all. The audience base are automatically built into this form of community, one which brings unison around the Flight of the Conchords and it is manufactured to make us feel at ease with what we are a part of. Another way they creatively utilize multimedia platforms is through the creation of a Google maps reality tour; on the Flight of the Conchords official website there is a link to this map which locates all the significant Manhattan and New York City settings in the story, there is also an option to leave comments, once again, engaging the audience and encouraging interaction which enhances the community made. It fits into the definition of transmedia story telling as it is about telling different aspects of the same story across different media.,-73.964081&spn=0.071642,0.061111&z=14

“If transmedia is really going to work as a mainstream consumer concept rather than a marketing endeavour or a cult experiment, it will have to involve stories designed from the ground up to be both interactive and platform agnostic”


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